Language Editor

Ybex Clipboard's interface has been translated into more than a dozen world languages, but if your native language is not on the list, you may easily add the necessary support for it. Your generosity will not only be acknowledged through the gratitude of other users, but also through an offer of extended Ybex account privileges from A!K Research Labs.

Please consult the following guide to translate Ybex Clipboard into your native language:

  1. Make sure that the language into which you are going to translate the Ybex Clipboard interface is not already present in the list of supported languages.
  2. Contact us at, and inform us of your decision to perform a language translation.
  3. Start translating by going to Settings and clicking "Add/Modify Language".
  4. Press the New button, and in the pop-up window type the name of the file in which your translation will be stored. For the name of this file, we strongly recommend that you use the English name of the language into which you are going to translate the Ybex Clipboard interface.
  5. Select the language file you created during the previous step, and start translating the lines of the interface.
  6. Select all strings in the language file one-by-one, read the English variant in the left-hand column, and enter your translation into the right-hand portion of the input field. Try to translate each string such that it will not be much longer than its original English counterpart, because it may not fit into the sections to which it is assigned in the program's windows.Click on "Prev unassigned" or "Next unassigned" to find the previous, or next, respective non-translated string.
  7. Specify your name (in English) and your contact e-mail address (or account link) in the corresponding fields of the first LANG_INFO section of your language file. Next, specify first the name (in English) of the newly-translated language in the Name line, then specify (on the same line, in round brackets) the newly-translated language's "native" name; see examples below. Now select the forBuild line and specify the version of Ybex Clipboard in which your translation data was entered. To do this, simply press the "Set Current" button.
  8. Close the Language editor, and select the language file you created in the program settings.
  9. Now open all windows of Ybex Clipboard one-by-one, and determine whether any of the strings that you have translated do not fit into the space(s) assigned for them. If you discover any instances of this, open the Language Editor again and shorten any strings that do not fit. If the exact translation still does not fit into the assigned space, make your string shorter anyway, leaving the original meaning.
  10. When you have completed the above process, please send the created language file to You can find the file in the Program Files\Ybex Clipboard\Languages folder. If your translation is acceptable, we will upgrade your account status with us from Ybex Free Account to Extended Account, and your language file will be included in the next update of the Ybex Clipboard application distribution package.
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